December 2, 2023


Jitendra Kumar, the IIT graduate making waves in the acting world

At the point when you drop from IIT, your science certification guarantees a superior occupation in a worldwide. Your life is considered ‘set’. It’s the exemplification of the working class dream. In any case, imagine a scenario where subsequent to accomplishing that, you choose to throw everything and take a stab at acting. Your folks sure would go batshit insane, your companions would think often about your emotional wellness and maybe just your canine would in any case give indications of warmth. That is precisely exact thing occurred with Jitendra Kumar. He chose to cut out his own way and not lose all sense of direction in the corporate wilderness. He really established himself doing plays for TVF (The Viral Fever), where his departures on Kejriwal became popular. Hit shows like Kota Factory and Panchayat followed. He likewise played a gay in the satire Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan. While his decisions might have caused some disruption, entertainer immovably puts stock in being his own man.My family thought I’d offer it a chance for a year and afterward return to corporate life. What’s more, when I left Mumbai following three months and joined a Japanese organization in Bangalore, my folks thought I’d expressed farewell to acting. It was the point at which I left that work that they were frightened. They fired hit up family members to give me a motivational speech and drill some sense into me. I needed to persuade them that my heart was determined to act. I think guardians get compelled by society. In any case, they approve of your decisions. So when I was at long last ready to persuade my family members and family companions about my decisions, my folks also came on board.I came to Mumbai subsequent to graduating in 2012. I was informed that I could confront troubles getting a break. I was encouraged to educate at training foundations while I attempted to get a break. At first, I was frightened in light of the fact that youngsters are delicate and training is a touchy space. I realize that acting couldn’t be broken unexpectedly early. So I chose to educate. I drew out the entirety of my IIT JEE notes and began concentrating once more. Ultimately, I began educating. So I used to show the understudies in training foundations on Sundays. It was a totally different encounter for me.A parcel of interesting episodes have occurred. In any case, there’s this one example that remaining parts with me until the end of time. One video of mine where I went about as Munna Jazbati became famous. There’s a scene in that video where I’m seen clearing the floor. A young lady came to me and said, “Would you say you are Munna Jazbati? Have you acted in that video?” I said OK and out of nowhere the young lady had tears in her eyes. She told me, “Sir, kindly don’t do this. It feels exceptionally terrible to see you like this.” marI have barely any familiarity with how I turned into a tutor. In any case, I think my personality in the series associated with individuals. I believe there’s a deficiency of coaches in our nation, so when they watch such films or series which has tutors, they connect with it. So whether it’s Naseer saab in Sir, Shah Rukh Khan in Chak De! India, Me in Kota Factory, or Aamir Khan in Taare Zareen Par, the crowd loves them.

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