April 23, 2024


Raju Srivastava’s family members issues a statement to ignore fake news; says he is stable

The business was stunned to discover that the incredible comic had a coronary failure. On Wednesday, August 10, Srivastava encountered a coronary episode in the exercise center and was taken straightforwardly to AIIMS. Because of reports that comic Raju Srivastava’s wellbeing is disintegrating, his family has made a conventional announcement.

Raju’s condition was supposed to be fundamentally sick and crumbling. His family has given a conventional proclamation in the midst of the bits of gossip and bogus reports. As per the assertion, his status is steady and the clinical staff is giving their very best for help. It likewise forces everybody to overlook the bogus data on his health.”Dear all, Raju Srivastava’s condition is steady. We are appealing to God for his quick recuperation. The specialists are treating him and giving their all. On account of all the well-wishers for their proceeded with affection and backing. Kindly overlook talk/counterfeit news being circled. Kindly petition God for him,” the jokester’s family said in their statement.According to a few reports, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Srivastava’s better half to enquire her of his wellbeing status and to wish him a fast recuperation. Both Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh are accounted for to have addressed Raju’s better half. As per reports, the previous Laughter Challenge candidate was kept on a ventilator.

Prior, Shekhar Suman had proactively refreshed the general population on Raju’s condition through virtual entertainment. He added that the entertainer had the option to move his finger and that the country’s requests were helping him.

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